“There is no greater personal asset than humility and authenticity”

Coach Caroline

One of my first memories from my childhood was going to boarding school at 5 years old. Looking back, it was traumatic, however, as the years went on and we moved countries, homes and schools, my coping and defensive mechanisms kept me together and enabled me to face change head-on. During those years I was my own care giver, my adult and the one who made decisions regarding my life. Looking back, this made me strong, in comparison to others in my family.

In my adolescent years, I had many jobs in many industries, but just could not settle or feel any connection.  Looking back, most of my younger years were spent living in survival mode on auto pilot. It was only in my mid 30’s that I attended various courses on human behaviour that truly spoke to me as a person and woman, being fascinated to understand how my story had shaped my life. 

Suddenly, a light inside me burned brightly and I had a deep desire to run my own business, as this enabled me to manage my own destiny. In 2005 I found my calling in Change Management, Communications, Training, and pretty much anything people focused.  This enabled me to learn more about human behaviour during difficult change in the corporate world. The corporate environment can be (and was) harsh, and I observed how change was implemented without enough consideration to everyone impacted.  This realisation encouraged me to hit the books again to become a Coach. 

In reflection, I can now see that I was a master at hiding my pain, but now I understand just how incredibly empowering it is to have a trusted Coach hear your story.  It is only once we can accept our story and forgive ourselves and others that we can build the life we want. 

At each life phase take full responsibility for your choices in this messy, colourful life.

The good news is, I can help you unlock your potential and create peace and connections from the inside out.

Connect with me and let’s unlock your potential!

Coach Caroline