March 2022

It sounds easy, but often we adjust who we are, depending on who we are with. This can happen in the work setting with colleagues, socially with friends, and even in close relationships.

To just be YOU in any setting, the first step is getting to know who you are; your story and childhood, your thoughts, choices, experiences and connecting to your needs and feelings. This takes doing “the work”, which is to unpack, understand (and often release) yourself from limiting beliefs that you –unintentionally –made part of your life.

We need to do this work to fully understand who we are and then accept ourselves. This is the foundation of loving yourself and accepting everything that is you. This can be a long (and sometimes painful process). Don’t rush it or be hard on yourself.

Once you know yourself and accept everything about yourself, you can start being yourself. Be who you truly are. Being comfortable with your own style, your own person, and owning up to who you are at the deepest level.

Self-being means not having to apologise for being YOU. There is no need to seek anyone’s approval. You don’t have to be perfect, just be real.

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