Responsibility Lens It can be said that your life is a result of the choices you make, and if you don’t like the life you are currently living it is time to start taking responsibility for your life and making better choices that serve your future self. There have been many instances in my life […]

Empathy June 2021 Sympathy and Empathy have been debated for years. Sympathy is when we feel sorry for someone – we don’t really understand their situation, and we rather pity them.  While we experience this feeling of pity, judgement is often a natural by-product – and judgement is a form of disrespect. When we empathise […]

Transactional Analysis July 2021 As humans we tend to find ourselves in one of three modes – Adult, Parent or Child. During our lives and in various situations, we are always one of the three – and it is normal. We often find ourselves in the parent role. In this role we are either controlling […]

Responsibility and Choice August 2021 These are two of the most important areas we can ever master. If we get this right, we are taking our power back. This is a place of ownership, which connects us to managing our own outcomes and making peace with our decisions and life direction. When we are able […]

Self love

Self love September 2021 “Love, accept, honour and respect yourself” Savannah Steinberg, STAR leadership How can you love someone else if you don’t know how to love yourself first?  For me, self-love is being comfortable with who I am, bringing with it a sense of wholeness – nothing will be missing. Being 100% OK with […]