November 2021

The benefits of meditation have been proven time and time again, with overwhelming evidence that this practice can help with anxiety, a racing mind, support longevity, and general good health.  Personally, I battled to meditate when I started out, wanting to achieve total perfection. I started off by just sitting quietly on my yoga mat or in nature, focusing on my breathing. As I improved and I saw the benefits meditation had on my life physically and emotionally, it became easier and this has been a major contributor to the way I process and the way I show up.

What meditation looks like in my world,  includes having a journal or notepad next to me. This helps me to jot down any thoughts that need attention after my session. Most often, I can write it down and then simply continue. With practice, the less important thoughts will come and go – just continue to focus on your breathing. My tip for a really busy mind is to count one breath in, 2 counts out; until that becomes the focus and the rest fades away. 

From my experience, once the racing thoughts disappear, the answers I have been looking for, appear gently. Now that’s a huge benefit and gift – we all have the answers within us; but it will come more naturally once we are centered and in a space of creation, rather than a space of panic.

As you practice meditation, have grace with yourself. Don’t give up, just take it slowly. This is the very start of self-love.

My Up Time Meditation