Responsibility Lens

It can be said that your life is a result of the choices you make, and if you don’t like the life you are currently living it is time to start taking responsibility for your life and making better choices that serve your future self.

There have been many instances in my life where I have not taken responsibility and looking back, my choices did not support my priorities. The lens through which I was viewing life, was that of a victim in blame and reaction. In other words, I believed that the things happening to me, disempowered me.

Being on autopilot, I had failed to see the consequences of my behaviours. I blindly went about my days, never considering my long-term vision –it was easier to stay in ignorance and blame others for my state of mood and emotion.

I got inspired through self-study, meditation, reading and attending valuable sessions –it showed that crying ‘victim’ did not serve me –and to shift my mindset, I had to start making conscious choices. Of course, moving to this new space of owning up to responsibility, choice, and taking ownership, was not easy –it also meant that I had to own up to the poor choices I have made in the past.

It is important to note that viewing situations through this new Responsibility Lens, empowered me to acknowledge previous mistakes, without blaming myself and putting me right back in the victim seat.

This month I am focusing on responsibility and the part this plays in our life -so be sure to take a look at my social platforms for inspiration, if you find yourself trapped in victim mode.

Take a look at the personal actions that keep us in victim, vs. the personal actions that take us to a place of accountability.

Responsibility is the most important skill we can learn. It is the ability to take back our power. This is a place of ownership and connects us to managing our own outcomes and having peace with our decisions and life direction.

Where in your life are you not taking responsibility and what do you choose to do about it?

If you can identify some of the victim behaviours and would like to explore how you can use those as learning to move forward to a place of true accountability, then join us for our Reflect & Resetwebinar series, kicking off on Tuesday 10 May.

Commit to just 2hours a week, and I guarantee you will experience a powerful shift in your personal and professional capacity. 

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