Transactional Analysis

July 2021

As humans we tend to find ourselves in one of three modes – Adult, Parent or Child. During our lives and in various situations, we are always one of the three – and it is normal.

We often find ourselves in the parent role. In this role we are either controlling others or nurturing and caring. The controlling parent is dictating what should happen.

The child role is often an emotional space of wanting advice and being taken care of or she/he may be a rebellious child. 

The adult role is logical and responds to the here and now – it’s about I am ok, you are ok.  In adult state we are able to identify the child and parent roles in others, and this is also by far the most preferred (and productive) mode to be in: Adult to Adult.

It becomes difficult and messy in relationships where parties are not aware of which role is being play and just how difficult it is to change.

This month, make a conscious choice to act like an Adult, and pull others into the same space with grace, kindness and patience.

Coach Caroline