May 2022

There is such power and strength in knowing your values and being able to make conscious choices about what is important to you. Read that again – not a choice by default, or something forced – rather a choice that is sensible, appropriate, and aligned to what YOU want. 

Your values determine HOW you make choices, and that impacts the direction of your life.  It is true what Roy T. Bennett said in his quote – values are your internal compass; it helps you make decisions that directly support what you want out of life. If these values are not set, clear and verbalised, how will you know what decision to make when times are challenging?

One of my personal values is continuous learning. This is something I set more than 20 years ago – the value to continuously learn, grow and get better at working through situations in life. A particular interest in my learning journey, has been to study human behaviour and the opportunity that tools such as coaching can have on human behaviour. By the way, coaching comes from the fundamental principle that you have all the answers within you – you must just ask the right questions in order to make the right choices. Coaching, and getting coached, have given me so much on a personal level.

Over the last 2 decades, this fascination with learning and coaching grew into a business, thus giving me the incredible opportunity to guide and support others with the same powerful questioning that has helped me so many times. My journey is to continually align to this powerful sense of knowing that I am following my heart and internal compass.  It’s my life’s path, my direction and my purpose to share my wisdom. I am deeply passionate about helping others know their values.  

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